Finally got around to playing MGS V and swear to god it's like Witcher 3 all over again with my just muttering "fucking horse" every 5 minutes...
the graphics on both are awesome though i think the quality of the enemy explosion is that good that we should use that one. Just remember Real men dont have logos.
I had to take a look after seeing Grim's comments. Was not disappointed. Obviously we've found a new contractor for OMC graphic design xD Alo has some tough competition.
I will come back and play MWO if we use that as our official logo for the WC...
version 2 [link] Lemme know feedback bro :)

Welcome to OMC

live1991 a posted Nov 18, 15


Greetings Mechwarriors!

The time has come...
MechWarrior Online has launched on Steam!!!


Posted 10 hours ago
On today’s Bugsmashers, Programmer Mark Abent tackles a new bug arising from the updated Enter-Ship Animations where the Player’s avatar is off-set when attempting to enter the ship.

Reverse the Verse

Posted Sat at 5:01
This week join Brian Chambers, Ben Dare and Ivo Herzeg from Frankfurt, as they answer questions about their work on modular space stations and vision stabilization, as seen in this week’s Around the Verse.
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